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21 February 2009

I thought of sharing this very interesting statistic which I found on Skin & Allergy News. I believe Dr. Joseph Eastern found the statistics somewhere else but nevertheless it is worth mentioning here:

"Industry statistics show that fully 10% of hard drives fail in any given year and that 43% of computer users lose one or more files every year in the form of clinical data, financial records, photos, e-mail, documents, and other important information. Recovery of lost data, when it's possible at all, can be very expensive."

Is spite of the alarming threat that 10% of hard drives fail, a Harris Interactive study in 2008 found that:

"35% of Americans admitted they never back up their computers."

Dr. Eatern noted that amazingly, many of those who have lost important data in a crash still neglect or refuse to do regular backups. He theorizes many of us neglect such a basic precaution because backing up computers is so inconvenient and time-consuming. His solution. Make the process easy and automatic. He further suggest doctors' offices to look at two of the most popular solutions for online backup: Mozy and Carbonite.

Learn more about this article on Family Practice News.

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Using an online backup is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Using such offsite services gives you peace of mind and the security of knowing that your valuable data, photos, music files, electronic documents, videos files, and other digital files are safe and sound. Unfortunately, selecting a specific online backup service is not easy. Although dozens of online backup service providers focus on individual users, I found only a few services that I thought are worth your time, money, and attention. Whether you plan to use an online backup service for home or business use, it is highly recommended that you do not delay on your decision because PC disasters usually happen when you least expect them to happen.

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